The Making of AN

Have you ever wondered how Architecture North came to be? You might not have had the chance to give it much thought, granted, but we’d like for you to get to know our history a little bit better, and understand exactly how and why we we’re as passionate as we are about what we do.

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Architecture North was established in 2018 by Lewis North, company founder, Director and main driving force behind everything that we do here at AN. This might seem like a straight-forward, simple beginning of an architectural practice, but it is in Architecture North’s beginnings that underpins our core business ethos and the values that we adhere to today.

Previous to establishing the company, and following his graduation, Lewis started his architectural career by working with a number of architectural practices in the East Midlands. Unfortunately, what Lewis found when he began his professional career was not what he had hoped or wished for from an industry that he was truly passionate about.


The main issue, Lewis discovered, was that graduate students like himself, working within the East Midlands, were offered very little in terms of career progression and PEDR development. For Lewis, this seemed unethical and not conducive to a vibrant and progressive industry that nourishes and thrives from new talent and produces innovative and valuable work. Disillusioned, and unable to find a sufficient mentor, Lewis began to think about how he could carve out a career path that was true to him, and the passion and skill-set that he had at his disposal. Additionally, witnessing first-hand the discrimination that can be prevalent within the built industry, Lewis decided to strike out on his own and establish his own practice, and thus Architecture North was born.


Determined to set a precedent in the way that his firm would operate, since AN opened its doors over a year ago, Lewis has been determined to not only continue to develop his own skills, but also explore collaborative avenues across other disciples within the built environment.


Now managing a small team, including pet pug Louie, AN are lucky to be able to work on a number of large, and exciting, projects, whilst maintaining a working environment that is inclusive, inspiring and creative for all. A large part of AN’s raison d’etre is also focusing on creating new programs, seminars and CPD events for the wider industry to attend, and the practice frequently opens up its doors to allow guests, who range from students through to clients, engineers and architects, to interact, collaborate and learn from each other and build upon each other’s success.

Architecture North was essentially established to promote an inclusive and ethical standard within the built environment, architecture and education, and that is exactly what the practice continues to strive for. As a young practice, still in its relative infancy, it can be tough for the company to meet the increasingly tough criteria for expressions of interest and match against established, heavy-weight competitors when pitching for work. However, with Lewis’ established and well-nurtured working relationships with previous clients, which is testament to his character, professionalism and tenacity, Architecture North has been able to position itself in the market place as an architectural practice that promotes good design within private, residential work, and is always on the lookout for like-minded clients that share in the company’s passion for inspirational, ethical, economic and practical design values.

Architecture North’s USP is to provide a truly personalised service for all clients, striving to develop the very best design principles and create work that is perfectly appropriate and accurate for the client.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the making of Architecture North. We love our practice and we’re proud of the work we do and the clients and contractors that we work with. To learn more about the work we do, the events we put on, or just to have a casual chat about your next project, please do get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you!