Lewis North on the RIBA Council

Following last weeks news, we are delighted to announce that our Director Lewis North has been elected on the RIBA Council as an Associate Member. 

RIBA Council Poster (Google).jpg

For those who aren’t sure what the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is, it’s a registered charity that is entirely self-funded that relies on the generosity of individuals, companies, trusts and foundations of support, helping build a brighter future for architectural excellence.

The Institute of British Architects was founded in 1834 for ‘…the general advancement of Civil Architecture, and for promoting and facilitating the acquirement of the knowledge of the various arts and sciences connected therewith…’ and in 1837 it was granted its Royal Charted under King William IV. 

Today the RIBA is a global professional membership body driving excellence in architecture, serving members and society to deliver excellence within the built environment, place-making, community and to withstand a sustainable environment. 


The Royal Institute of British Architects Council is a council of 59 elected members, among the RIBA membership, chaired by our current president; Ben Derbyshire. The council meet four times annually and is ultimately responsible for the professional conduct and development of the Institute. The council pass down detailed responsibility and technical focus to the RIBA board and main committees.

With over 41,000 members worldwide and an international reach, the scope of involvement with the RIBA will enable our director to expand his vast depth and breadth of opportunities. 

Lewis does have passionate views within the built environment, anyone that knows him will understand the frustration he encounters within the industry and within our educational system. As the council have elected him, this reflects the interests of the membership, with his focus around professional, educational and client relationship, within his election statement; his intention is to catalyse new models of architectural education to be implemented by practice and established architecture schools for review. 

I also note, Lewis would also like to take on the HMRC, changing the way in which the HMRC reflects our business’, but I think that is for a different blog.

Together with the elected candidates, working with the president, executive team, director of education and director of membership, I will draw attention to the issues I feel need to be addressed on the council,  promoting innovative ways and make decisions that I believe will positively impact the future of our profession.


The only way to ensure that our future of the profession is as equal, diverse and fairly represented is to build a strong network of passionate, supportive and enthusiastic members that are keen to see the industry thrive. My job on council is to be the voice of members across the UK and ensure that the young people within the profession behind me can ensure that I will listen and make sure their points will be heard loud and clear!